Thursday, March 31, 2011

preggie belly

We are getting rather big !!

30 weeks


New day - New place.
This is Mirihi.

This is where we though for 3 days battle over the ceiling fans that were rotating the wrong way and subsequently were making the room warmer and warmer. Eventually we managed to convinced them :)

The Mirihi's fish had good sense of humor :)

Ian's favorite activity of the day.

last days on Lily beach

I missed the bars on Lily beach.


I could not join Ian under the water, but at least I could take lots of pics of him diving :)

As you can see our new camera was a hit and Ian took lots of pics while playing with the various features on it.


So much snorkeling.....

There was a center for saving the turtles on Lily beach. They had 250 to 300 of them in the size of a thumb and over about 50 one year old that they were getting ready to let out.


I still have to take time to go through the pics from our last holiday.
However there are some that I have already published on the Czech site.

Lily beach

movie festival of our little princess

For long time I was battling to change the format of the scan video into something that would be readable by you tube. Hence the back lock.
Should you have free time, check out the black and white festival of our little princess.

Date: 07Jan

Date: 03Feb

Date: 28Feb

catching up

Have been neglecting the English part of this web.
Today is my first day on maternity leave so it is good time to catch up :)

I have found this photo of Ian cooking the most amazing paprika chicken with potatoes dumpling. My absolute favorite Czech dish.

We woke up that morning. Ian went for his swim and on the way home he spoke to Luke Zacharias about possible trip down to CT. It was than when we realized that the Zachs have half the house moved out, due to the new tile floor that they are laying down.
Few minutes later we were in the shops getting the grocery sorted so we could have them over for dinner.
It was a good evening despite the beating we got in rugby.

Haydn and Avani poped in as well so we had nice family evening.
We even covered the names in Czech list down to the letter "M". So far our top names are Isabela, Anabela, Anna, Alena and long time favourite Kristyna.