Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ian's birthday

Ian had no idea when he got home that there was a group of people in his garden insisting on celebrating his birthday.

Congratulation slunicko!!!!

As much as the evening was nice, the camera was not keeping up with the poor light.

Christmas 2008

I was doing a spring cleaning in my PC and during that I have found these photos from last christmas.

First I was puzzled that I only have photos from the morning and then few from the evening.
What was I doing during the day???
Now I know. My dishwasher was kaput, so I have spent the day in the kitchen washing up after about million visitors, that we invited to a christmas lunch :)

Check out the snow flakes hanging over the hob. Looks like I am slowly giving up to the SA way of pretending christmas is "white" even here :)