Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Five-veg lasagne for 8 people

1-2 aubergine – cut into rings and grilled with olive oil & garlic until brown

400g cut mushrooms – cut & fried in butter until brown

4 red peppers – cut into squares and grilled with olive oil

2 x 440g jar of All Joy Passata sauce from P&P or Checkers – mix 1 jar onion & garlic and 1 jar tomato & basil (spaghetti sauce will do just as well)

6-8 sheets of lasagne

400g frozen spinach or 2xpacks of fresh spinach (blanched, drained & chopped)

2 x 250g ricotta tub

50g grated parmesan

25g roasted pine nuts

Can also be added chopped olives, corn

- Prepare the veg separately and layer them in the baking bowl.

- Empty the passata sauce jars on the vegetable

- Lay the cooked lasagne on top

- Mix the spinach with ricotta, half the parmesan and pinenut. Add salt & pepper and spread on the lasagne sheets

- Sprinkle with the rest of the parmesan

- Cook on 200 C covered for 30min or until it bubbles - let it brown at the end.


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